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World News From BBC

VIDEO: Female activists cross Koreas' DMZ 
  Sun, 24 May 2015 13:11:11 GMT 
    A group of female activists have made a rare crossing through one of the world's most militarised borders to promote reconciliation between North and South Korea.

VIDEO: On-air proposal after marriage vote 
  Sun, 24 May 2015 14:10:35 GMT 
    After Ireland voted in favour of same-sex marriage, Linda Cullen proposed to her long-term partner Feargha Ni Bhroin live on air.

VIDEO: Rehabilitating al-Shabab fighters 
  Sun, 24 May 2015 11:57:42 GMT 
    In a small, heavily guarded compound on the outskirts of Baidoa in Somalia, a new programme is trying to help former al-Shabab fighters reintegrate into society.

The shadowy centre helping former al-Shabab members quit 
  Sun, 24 May 2015 11:22:50 GMT 
    In Somalia, a "disengagement" programme has been set up for surrendering al-Shabab members. Andrew Harding took a look.

The great 'Mars bake-off' begins 
  Sun, 24 May 2015 02:43:32 GMT 
    Jonathan Amos gets a first peek inside the UK aerospace laboratory where Europe's ExoMars rover will be assembled.

Ben Carson wins Oklahoma straw poll 
  Sat, 23 May 2015 23:07:14 GMT 
    Republican activists give non-politician Ben Carson a boost after listening to Republican presidential hopefuls for three days.

Who are Israel’s Ethiopian Jews? 
  Sun, 24 May 2015 23:19:52 GMT 
    Protests over the beating of an Ethiopian Israeli soldier have thrown the spotlight on the Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel, writes Prof Yossi Mekelberg.

Can California learn to live with drought? 
  Sat, 23 May 2015 23:49:27 GMT 
    Californians are facing their fourth year of severe drought - can they adapt to find a way forward?

VIDEO: Who's in charge of IS? In 90 secs 
  Sat, 23 May 2015 04:41:10 GMT 
    How does Islamic State govern an area the size of Belgium? BBC News explains in 90 seconds.

Email error reveals bank's EU project 
  Sat, 23 May 2015 09:00:10 GMT 
    The Bank of England confirms it is researching the financial risks of the UK leaving the EU after it "inadvertently" sent details of the project to the Guardian newspaper.

Japanese shares higher on trade data 
  Mon, 25 May 2015 00:49:34 GMT 
    Japan's shares head higher after data showed the country's trade account fell into a deficit in April, but it beat expectations.

Google patents 'creepy' cuddly toys 
  Fri, 22 May 2015 12:37:09 GMT 
    A patent reveals that Google has looked into making internet-connected toys that would link up to its servers to control smart devices in the home.

Starbucks gift card hack was 'fraud' 
  Sat, 23 May 2015 10:25:18 GMT 
    A hacker reporting a security hole in Starbucks' website criticises the company's handling of the matter.

Sweden scoops Eurovision 2015 crown 
  Sun, 24 May 2015 00:51:35 GMT 
    Swedish singer Mans Zelmerlow triumphs at this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, beating Russia's Polina Gagarina.

US reality show taken off schedule 
  Fri, 22 May 2015 23:37:25 GMT 
    A US cable network pulls a long running reality TV show over allegations of sexual abuse by one of its members.
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