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January 2023

Elkhart Public Library

Board of Trustees

January 25, 2023



The meeting was called to order at 635pm. Members absent A. Olson, M. Moughan, and J. Kolb

There was no public comment.

The December meeting minutes were reviewed.  Motion to approve by S. McCutcheon.  Second by S. Roush.   All ayes, no nays.


The treasurer’s report was reviewed. Sikich has still not matched our monthly budget with their monthly report. Motion by approve payment of bills by S. Roush, second by S. McCutcheon.  All ayes, no nays.


In old business, P. Shelton stated that the 130th banner must be ordered as soon as possible. The best days for the March 130th celebration could be Sat.-Sun. March 18-19, 2023.  Specific hours will be set at the February meeting.  Cupcakes, coffee, and punch were suggested as refreshments.


Also under old business vinyl flooring was discussed.  It is the consensus that A. Olson and S. McCutcheon will select a color/design and obtain a final quote from Carpet Weavers.  The option exists to simply buy the vinyl flooring and have a local installer complete the project.  The goal is to finalize the decision at the February meeting.


Under new business, the minimum wage increase was effective Jan. 11, 2023.  After discussion, a motion to increase the hourly rate for all employees by $1 per hour was made by D. Hudson, second by S. McCutcheon.  All ayes, no nays.


The roofing project was discussed.  Samples of synthetic slate were reviewed.  Replacing the slate roof with natural slate is estimated at $120,000-$140,000.  A synthetic slate roof estimated at $50,000.  It would have a 50 year warranty.  An architectural grade shingle roof would cost less and also have a 50 year warranty.  The goal is to have a specific direction for approval at the March meeting in order to move ahead with the formal bid process to be administered by Graham and Hyde Architects, Springfield.  The expectation of the board is that the Village will provide TIF reimbursement funds for this roofing project.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 pm. Next meeting - Wed. February 22, 2023

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