Elkhart Public Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

December 15, 2021

6:30 St. Patrick’s Catholic Church

At 6:31, president Phil Shelton called the meeting to order.  Those present were Sarah McCutcheon, Jeanine Kolb, Mark Moughan, Ann Olson, and Sarah Wilson, librarian.

There was no public comment.

The minutes were reviewed and a motion was made by Sarah M to accept the minutes, seconded by Mark, all aye.

The treasurer’s report was discussed.

     -  Follow-up on payments to Ameren, Adams Pest Control, and Mediacom showed we haven’t double paid.

     -  Jeanine made a motion to accept the treasure’s report and pay the bills, Sarah M seconded, all aye.

The librarian’s report was presented by Sarah W.

     -  The Stanley Steemer quote is for $365.

     -  A guy from the state is coming to the library to go through paperwork to determine what needs to be kept and what can be tossed.

Old Business:

-  Interior work:

     -  Painting

     The project is about a week behind due to Ron Hall finishing another project.  Sarah W will be in constant contact to keep him moving our direction

     -  Flooring

          We will be replacing the flooring in the vestibule and bathrooms.  Anyone who is out-and-about can look for suitable samples in a darker patterned, textured, good quality vinyl.

-  Bank CD

     Resolution #2102 was read that stated a $5000 CD was set up at UCB Bank, transferring the money from working savings.  Sarah M made a motion to accept the resolution, Ann seconded, all aye.

-  Website

     -  An official account for the new website is up and running, which saves us about $100 a month. 

     -  Several changes/additions still need to be made to the current website.  Those specifically mentioned were:

         -  Adding the holiday closure schedule

         -  Un-dating the director’s message

         Sarah W said the appearance of the site should change very soon

- Library’s 130th Birthday

         This officially kicks off in March, so bring ideas to January meeting.

-  Policy review – tabled

New Business:

-  Upcoming library dates were given.

-  Evaluations:

     -  Sarah W gave evaluations to the part time people and had glowing reports for all.

     -  Sarah W’s evaluation

         -  Several pros and cons were discussed.

         -  Ann and Phil will meet with Sarah W to discuss specific items.

Motion to adjourn made by Sarah M, seconded by Mark, all ayes.