Elkhart Public Library
Board of Trustees Meeting
November 17, 2021

At 6:30, president Phil Shelton called the meeting to order.  Those present were Sue Roush, Ann Olson, Dana Hudson, Jeanine Kolb, and Sara Wilson, librarian.

There was no public comment.

The minutes were reviewed with no discussion.  A motion was made, by Dana, to accept the minutes, seconded by Sue, all ayes.

The treasurer’s report was discussed.  Mediacom, Ameren, and Adams Pest Control all have double entries for checks paid out.  Sarah W will contact Sikich to make sure we didn’t overpay any of them.  Jeanine made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and pay the bills, Dana seconded, all aye.

During the librarian’s report, Sarah updated the board on a couple of items.
     -  We currently have no one to do snow removal so she is going to advertise in the Echo and on FB.
     -  Sarah is working on finding out from the State Library how long records need to be kept.
     -  There was a brief discussion on getting a laminator for the library.  Sarah will do more investigation on this

Old Business:
-  Interior Updates
     -  The painting and repair work has begun in the two small rooms and should be finished by Monday or Tuesday.
     -  The painting in the main room will begin after small rooms are finished and Sarah meets with the painter on
         odds and ends that need to be done.
     -  The carpet needs to be cleaned once the painting is finished.
     -  It was suggested we look into replacing the linoleum in the entryway once painting is completed.
     -  Sarah will keep Facebook updated as to when the library is open  and closed during painting.  She will also put signs on the front door.

-  It was suggested at the December meeting we decide what to do with the CD.  There was discussion about
   moving the CD to another bank, but that will be decided in December.

-  The Per Capita grant is due in January, but is ready now.  Jeanine moved to accept and submit the grant, Sue seconded, all aye.

-  The website is nearly completed and the library is able to keep the same domain name.  Sarah has a few updates to make and then the IL Century Network has a few updates to make before it’s ready to go.  Sarah will be getting her updates made ASAP.  The cost to have a “business basic” website is $23 a month and the domain name charge is
   $12 per month, for a total of $290 per year.

-  Phil had another suggestion for the 130th year library birthday.  The glass case could be used for displaying any
   library memorabilia the public may want to bring to share.
   Sarah also passed out new magnets and business cards to the board.  It was suggested to hold onto the magnets and use them as a monthly promotion during the celebration year.

-  The policy review is tabled.

New Business:

-  The comptroller’s report, which is an AFR (financial data), is complete.  Ann made a motion to accept the
    report, Dana seconded, all aye.

-  Library holidays were briefly discussed.  As previously decided, the library will follow the guidelines the State of IL uses
   for holidays.  Sarah has a copy of those dates and observed days which will be put on the new website.  Sarah will
   also keep Facebook updated on holiday closures.

-  Ann made a motion to move the December meeting to December 15th, Dana seconded, all aye.

Sue made a motion to adjourn, Ann seconded, all aye.