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July 2022

Elkhart Public Library Board of Trustees
July 27, 2022     6:30 pm

President Phil Shelton called the meeting to order with Jeanine Kolb, Mark Moughan, Sue Rousch, Sarah Wilson (librarian), and Ann Olson present.  Absent were Dana Hudson and Sarah McCutcheon.

There was no public comment.

The minutes of the June meeting were reviewed.  Mark made a motion to accept the minutes, Jeanine seconded, all aye.

The treasurer’s report was next reviewed:
               -  discussion about funds for summer reading
               -  Sarah has the Ameren, Medi-com, and Frontier bills figured out so they won’t be paid                       late.
               -  Sue made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and pay the bills, Mark                                        seconded, all aye.

The librarian’s report was next:
               -  The three year old door handle on the front door has broken.  Sarah will work to get it                      replaced.
               -  There was discussion on the laptop, specifically the need for one and concerns for                          having one.
                   It was decided that since it’s written into grant money already, AND the fact it will be                      a back-up to the librarian’s desktop, the library will go ahead and purchase one.                              Sarah will have to make sure she doesn’t lose track of time, while working on it, and                        have unapproved overlap hours with the other employees.
               -  July got away from Sarah and the two new substitutes have not been trained yet.                          Sarah will get payroll paperwork to them and get them in for a brief training session                        on checking out books.

Old Business
-  Holidays – the library will be open on Labor Day and Columbus Day.
-  For the 130th birthday:
               -  The Barbie display is due to be set up on August 10th.
               -  The library is still doing drawings for monthly prizes.
                               -  It was suggested to Sarah that she put information on Elkhart’s new                                                  electronic sign.
-  The are a couple of policies that need to be voted on in August.
-  Building projects:
               -  Phil is working with Graham and Hyde architects to come up with specs for repairing                      the roof.
               -  We should still get bids for replacing the flooring in the foyer
-  Sarah was given permission to apply for a Walmart credit card with a $500 limit.

New Business
-  Upcoming library dates
               -  summer reading continues
               -  IPLAR work continues
-  For summer reading, Sarah has had sixteen signed-up and thirteen coming each week.
               -  It was suggested to Sarah that she work on the report a little bit each day and not                          put off doing the the whole thing in the couple days before it’s due.
               -  At the August meeting, two members need to come ten minutes early to review the                        minutes so Sarah can add them to the report.
- Phil gave a report on the tentative budget.
               -  It appears we will have about $1000 more coming in.
               -  The line items of utilities, minimum wage, and Sikich will be budgeted a little higher                        due to inflation.
               -  The building improvement line item will go down a bit.
-  Aaron Kuznik will be replacing Tyler Moore for mowing for the remainder of the summer, start date 8-1-22.

Ann made a motion to adjourn, Sue seconded, all aye.   Next meeting is August 24, 2022.

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