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December 2022

Elkhart Public Library
Board of Trustees
December 16, 2022
6:30 pm

President Phil Shelton called the meeting to order at 6:38 pm with members Dana Hudson, Ann Olson, Sarah McCutcheon, and library director, Sarah Wilson present.  Absent were Jeanine Kolb, Mark Moughan, and Sue Rousch.


There was no public comment.


Sarah M moved to accept the November minutes, seconded by Dana, all aye.


The treasurer’s report was reviewed:
               -  Phil hopes to have Sikich listing the budget expenses on the financial report by next month.
               -  There seemed to be a lot of “0” listed in line items.
               -  Phil is going to talk with them again to get things straightened out on the monthly report.
    Sarah M moved to accept the treasurer’s report and pay the bills, Dana seconded, all aye.


Two items were added to the librarian’s report, that had already been sent to members:
               - computer classes will start in 2023 but still working on the details – hopefully sometime in                            February
               -  the book bins, for the kids’ books, have been completed.

Old Business
-  Building updates
               -  Sarah W will call Triplett to schedule H-VAC maintenance
               -  Carpet Weavers will be calling to come measure and submit a bid for the entry way and two                        side rooms.
                               The members chose to go with the platinum grade vinyl in the Lattice Elderberry                                          design.
                               We will wait until the final bid comes in to go ahead with the project.
               -  Phil has gotten two preliminary bids for the roof; one real slate and one artificial slate.  More                     discussion to follow in the coming months.
               -  130th birthday
                               -  It was suggested to Sarah W she should begin planning right away for the actual                                         birthday event in March.  The notice should be going out in Jan, Feb, and March                                          “Echo” as well as regularly on the library Facebook page, the library website, and                                         the village sign.
                            -  It was suggested to get bookmarks, announcing the 130th birthday, to pass out with                                      each book.
                            -  Sarah W will get the calendars to the businesses to give to as many people as possible.
                            -  The glass display cabinet needs to regularly filled.
               -  The policy update section, from October, is ready to be put into the policy book.
               -  Petitions, for library trustee, are due by December 19th.
               -  Sarah W’s notary application has been submitted, waiting for it to arrive.


New Business:
               -  The library will be open on Martin Luther King day.
               -  All the upcoming reports are on track.


At 7:30, Sarah M moved to enter into executive session for the purpose of employee evaluations, Dana seconded.

At 7:53, Sarah M moved to end executive session, Dana seconded.


The next meeting will be on January 25, 2023.


Sarah M moved to adjourn the meeting, Dana seconded, all aye.

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