June 2022

Elkhart Public library
Board of Trustees
June 22, 2022
6:30 pm

President Phil Shelton called the meeting to order at 6:31 with Ann Olson, Dana Hudson, Mark Moughan, Jeanine Kolb, and Sue Roush present.  Sarah Wilson came in after the meeting had begun; Sarah McCutcheon was absent.
Sue made a motion to accept the minutes, Mark seconded, all aye.
There was a bit of discussion with the treasurer’s report.
     -  Phil noted we had spent $350 more than we had budgeted due to shades, painting, the fireplace, and 
   replacing the AC last summer.
     -  Sarah W has figured out how to get to the Ameren bill so she can print it out and send it to Sikich.
     -  We still aren’t sure if it will be beneficial to bundle landline and internet with MediaCom
   current internet = $92.99 with MediaCom     current landline $52ish with Frontier
   Bundle with MediaCom:
       3 year contract        $129.95 first year    $149.95 second year    $169.95 third year
   This will be tabled until the July meeting
     -  Sue made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and pay the bills, Mark seconded, all aye.

Nothing new was added to the librarian’s report.
   Sarah W was asked to try and purchase a sign, for outside, to advertise summer reading, ASAP.
   Something simple:  Summer Reading      July 13 – Aug 10        Sign up Today


Old Business:
-  The library will be closed on Monday, July 4th.
-  Dana suggested a couple of ideas for the 130th birthday celebration:
   1)  get cups with the information printed on them, give 30 cups to area businesses to pass out to people.
   2)  do something with 130 mini pumpkins this fall
   3)  The Barbie collection won’t be displayed until mid-August.
-  Policy update is tabled.
-  It’s time to start getting bids for the foyer flooring project and Phil will look into getting the windows washed.
-  We need to get rid of the Walmart credit card and get one with a low limit, to use at Walmart and Amazon.

New Business:
-  The CD’s are up for renewal on, or about, June 18th and December 18th.
-  Dana made a motion to file the Non Resident Services Reciprocal Lending policy using the tax bill based                method. Mark seconded, all aye.
-  Summer reading donations are down a little bit.  Two families have signed-up so far, but not sure how many          kids that is.
-  At the August meeting, two members will need to go through the minutes, so the info can be added to IPLAR.


Jeanine made a motion to enter executive session, Sue seconded, all aye.
Mark made a motion to exit executive session, Jeanine seconded, all aye.


The next meeting will be July 27th, 2022 at 6:30 pm.

Dana made a motion to adjourn, Sue seconded, all aye.