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February 2023

Elkhart Public Library
Board of Trustees
Wednesday, February 22, 2023
6:30 pm

President Phil Shelton called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm with Sarah McCutcheon, Ann Olson, Mark Moughan, Jeanine Kolb, Sue Roush, and Sarah Wilson (director) present.  Dana Hudson was absent.

There was no public comment.

Mark moved to accept the minutes from the January meeting, Jeanine seconded, all aye.

Jeanine moved to accept the treasurer’s report and pay the bills, Mark seconded, all aye.

Sarah W had some additions to the librarian’s report:
               -  Patron traffic numbers were not sent out with the agenda, so she supplied them.
               -  Special programs seem to be going well.
                               -  It was discussed that Sarah W bombard the library Facebook page with events at                                         the library.
                               -  Sarah M asked about Lego club and it will be started up again.
               -  There have already been fourteen people at the book sale.
               -  The mountain of items on the circulation desk is shrinking.  It was mentioned the rest of the                          piles and tubs around the library need to be cleaned up and/or moved.


Old Business:
-  130th birthday celebration
               -  March 18th and 19th, Open House, 3-6 pm each day.
               -  cupcakes and drinks will be served both days
               -  Sarah W has all the paper supplies
               -  goody bags will be passed out
               -  Sarah W will get flowers, and possibly balloons, use a vase from Sarah M, not to exceed $50.
               -  Sarah M suggested an Easter Egg hunt of some kind, Sarah W will get details worked out.
-  Policy review
               -  the next section of the policy was passed out and will be reviewed in March
-  Roofing
               -  fake slate doesn’t look good, real slate is very expensive, shingle roof may be the way to go
               -  Sarah M suggested the “Black Pearl” color to coordinate with the windows, light poles, front                     door, hand rail, and book drop.
               -  Shingles have a fifty year warranty and are considerably cheaper.  It was noted that there                         may be be additional work needed once the project begins like sheeting, insulation, and                               repair work.
               -  In March, we will make a decision and put out three bids:  1)  the roof, 2) copper gutters, 3)                         steel gutters
-  Other Building Updates:
              -  Flooring:
                             -  Sarah W did not get a bid from Seth Hall for the flooring work.  Sarah M wants the                                   bid in March.
                             -  Carpet Weavers submitted a bid for $3900 – too high
                             -  Sarah M made a motion to order the vinyl only from Carpet Weavers (Lattice                                               Elderberry) for $1297.00, Sue seconded, all aye.
               -  Window cleaning
                             -  A guy, recommended by Dana, came by to look at the windows but has given no                                           feedback yet.
New Business:
-  The library will be open on Casimir Pulaski Day, March 6th, 2023.
-  Economic Interest forms were passed out.  Phil would like them back at the March meeting; they are         due in April.
-  The next meeting is March 22, 2023 at 6:30 pm.

Sarah M made a motion to adjourn, Mark seconded, all aye.

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