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September 2022

Elkhart Public Library
Board of Trustees Meeting
September 29, 2022

At 6:35, president Phil Shelton called the meeting to order.  Those present were Sue Rousch, Ann Olson, Dana Hudson, Sarah McCutcheon, Jeanine Kolb, and librarian, Sarah Wilson.  Absent was Mark Moughan.

The floor was opened, for public comment, for the budget hearing.  There was no public comment so the public budget hearing was closed.

There was no general public comment.

The minutes from August were reviewed.  Sarah M made a motion to accept the minutes, Sue seconded, all aye.

The treasurer’s report was discussed. 
    -  It was noted how much the Ameren bill had gone up. 
    -  Phil is going to ask Sikich to show more carefully how expenditures and pay-outs match.
    -  Sarah M made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and pay the bills, Sue seconded,               all aye.

There were a few additions to the librarian’s report.
   -  Ann asked how Aaron Kuznik was doing with the mowing.  Sarah W had a glowing report                about him, but mentioned she called him to do sidewalk edging because she thought it                 was looking scraggly.
    -  Snow removal was discussed - Sarah W will start looking for someone.
    -  Sarah W will make sure all the upcoming library events are in the town newsletter, posted             on Facebook, and put on the village sign.

Old Business
-  Phil gave another last report on the budget.  We should have about $2000 more in revenue          this year.  Sally Turner is working on the 2024 levy, and our EAV should be up around $3000. 


Sarah M made a motion to accept the budget,
  Jeanine seconded, all aye.

-  The library will be open on Columbus Day.  Sarah will post on Facebook and the town sign.
-  Sarah W is working on getting pumpkins, for decorating, for the 130th birthday.
-  The board was given policy information to review for the next meeting.
-  For the building updates, there were a few things to discuss:
    -  Phil has been working on what the roof might need as far as repair or replacement.
    -  Denny Stewart cannot get the pattern of vinyl we want for the entry way.  Carpet House               came to measure but failed to send a bid by the meeting.  Sarah W will contact them.
    -  We think leather club chairs are what we want for in front of the fireplace.  Everyone will                 keep an eye out for some.


New Business
-  Sarah W passed out the petitions for everyone to be on the ballot.  Everyone is due to run in               2023.
    -  Ann and Dana are not rerunning for the board.
    -  Sarah W was asked to start advertising right away for replacements.
    -  There was some confusion as to whether ten or twenty-five signatures were needed on                 the petition.  Sarah W will clarify the information with the county clerk’s office.
-  The PerCapita grant is due on 1-15-22.  Sarah W will start working on it.

The next meeting is October 26, 2022 at 6:30pm.


Sarah M made a motion to adjourn, Dana seconded, all aye.

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