Elkhart Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

October 27, 2021


The meeting was called to order at 6:32pm.  Present were Phil Shelton, Dana Hudson, Mark Moughan, Jeanine Kolb, and Sarah Wilson, librarian.  Absent were Sue Roush, Sarah McCutcheon, Ann Olson.

There was no public comment.

Sept. meeting minutes were reviewed.  Motion by Mike Moughan, second by Dan Hudson to approve the minutes.  All ayes.

The treasurer’s report was given and discussed.  Motion to approve payment of bills by M. Moughan, second by Jeanine Kolb.  All ayes.

Librarian’s report – Blue book bags have been received with Elkhart Public Library District on the front.  They will be available for children to use in connection with the magnets, which will be handed out some time during the year-long 130th birthday observance.  The flu shot clinic is Oct. 28 at the library.  Craft activities related to Halloween are ongoing this week.  “Take & Make” craft kits can be picked up this week through Saturday.

In Old Business, after discussion, “Relaxed Khaki” is the color choice for the walls.  The ceiling color will be a light cream.  Motion by D. Hudson, second by J. Kolb to approve the color choice.  All ayes.

Direct deposit of payroll checks will begin November 5th.  Time sheets will be recorded on the last day of the month.

The Per Capita grant is done and will be reviewed and approved at the November meeting.  It is due to be submitted in January 2022.

Various ideas for the 130th birthday of the library were discussed.  Ann Olson had submitted a list of ideas to Sarah Wilson.  Any activities would not begin until March of 2022.

In New Business, the website progress was discussed.  A deadline of mid-November is the target for the website to be up and running.  The domain name must be finalized.  This must be completed as soon as possible.

A resolution for a second CD will be prepared for the November meeting.  The #1 CD is with UCBank in Elkhart, and has an anniversary date in mid-June of each year.  The #2 CD would be started in December and would renew in 12 months.

The November and December meetings will retain their scheduled dates; however, the painting of the interior of the library may cause a change in the meeting dates, or the meeting site.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:12pm.